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    Current Distributors

    Distributors have been appointed for Australia, the USA and Europe. Their details follow:

    Miners Den

    Australia: Miners Den Australia. 109 Watson Street, White Hills, Victoria 3550. Phone (03) 5448 4140. Fax (03) 5448 4148. Miners Den is constantly looking for new dealers. Contact Minders Den by phone on (03) 5448 4140 or email for information about becoming a dealer.

    Jobe Wholesale

    USA: Jobe Wholesale. 13911 Pioneer Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307. Phone 866-838-5623. Fax: 760-961-8771. Jobe Wholesale is constantly looking for new dealers. Contact Jobe by phone on 866-838-5623 or email for information about becoming a dealer.


    Europe: Mineex. Beierfelder Straße 14, 08315 Lauter-Bernsbach, Germany.
    Phone: 0377 4769 2830. Fax: 0377 4761 673. Mobile: 0152 0195 2308. Mineex is
    constantly looking for new dealers. Contact Mineex by phone on 0377 4769 2830 or email
    for information about becoming a dealer.

    Becoming a Turbopan Distributor

    A distributor for Turbopan is appointed to sell the Turbopan in an agreed territory for an agreed period (in this case 24 months). This is a non-exclusive distributorship, which means that this does not limit Turbopan from marketing and advertising its products in any way. However, in most cases, our marketing efforts would be limited to the internet.

    As a distributor, you would need to be able to represent the interests of Turbopan, promote and sell the product, be able to demonstrate the product, and support the product sales with your customers. Those with an active sales and support force are preferred.

    The agreed territory is generally a country, number of countries or a region. Distributors need to have an existing wholesale/trade customer base with wholesaling and/or being an importing/distribution agent as the main focus of the business. Having a record for expanding your retailer base would also be helpful. Distributors buy by the pallet load, currently 324 pans or 18 cartons.

    Turbopan is currently looking for distributors for:

        The United Kingdom
        South American countries
        Central American countries
        Western African countries
        Eastern African countries
        South African countries
        Asian countries
        India, Pakistan and the Middle East
        Russia and the Caspian Sea region

    To find out more, contact us for more information.

    Those buying for larger shops and artisanal mining markets

    If you want to buy more than 5 cartons of Turbopans, but not a full pallet of Turbopans, I can put together pallet loads of equipment from various suppliers that I deal for. I only sell certain items that I believe are the best value for money and would form part of an overall "value for money" kit. Basically, this equipment covers:

        Dry blowers
        Concentrate clean up equipment
        Sniping equipment
        Snuffer bottles

    I arrange the whole export process for you at cost plus 10%. I am also a dealer for Gold Cube which is the best value for money, small scale concentrate clean up device I have seen so far. It can even handle big ticket clean ups from excavator-sized plants. Turbopan and Gold Cube are ideal for eliminating mercury from mining, recovery, clean up and provide a clean, high recovery product for mercury-free smelting.

    I can help you with gold recovery concentrators from 1 cubic metre (2 tonnes) up to 300 cubic metre (600 tonnes) per hour, and clean up products that eliminate the need for mercury, and can assist you if you have a mechanised operation where black sands are an issue.

    When you want to become a Turbopan Retailer, not a Distributor

    If you want to sell Turbopans in your store, online, from home, at a market, at your gold panning school, from your car boot, or simply as the best gold pan to complement your fantastic small mining equipment kit (sluice, dredge, blower, etc), you can become a Turbopan Retailer by clicking the following link.